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About Us
Bit of Whimsy Dolls came about due to boredom. You read that right! Boredom. More specifically Baseball Boredom. Rob was watching the Boston Red Sox and Cleveland Indians during the 2007 playoffs and I could really care less about baseball. While being bored to tears, I contemplated my online sales. I had been selling a variety of things on eBay for a few years but didn't have a cohesive plan to really do something that I could call my own. I had a few patterns already and sold them mostly on eBay. 
I had an Etsy shop that was 6 months old and had only one product and exactly 4 sales. I was at a crossroads and needed to do something. What that something was, I didn't know but I did know I wanted to sew something for kids.  As I doodled in my sketchbook and Rob cheered the Indians on, I realized that I should stop thinking about doing something and just do it! I quickly finished my sketch, cut it out of fabric, sewed it together, stuffed it, embroidered the face and Viola! I had created Millie Monkey by the end of the game. The exact one I made is the green and pink one in the picture! I sold a few on eBay and decided to sell a few on Etsy. They all sold very quickly… even on Etsy which surprised me because I hadn't been doing well on there. 
I knew I had found that "something" that I was wanting to do and I tackled a long time goal of making a doll for Abby. Doodle Girl was born and Sleepy Pajama Baby came soon after her.  I decided to take selling on Etsy seriously and I  renamed my business Bit of Whimsy Dolls. Since then, I have added over 70 new designs to those original three 2007 patterns  and have more new designs in my sketchbook than I can keep up with!
In June 2011, Bit of Whimsy Dolls took a huge step forward as Rob and I opened a real studio and hired a wonderful team to kick my doll and pattern making dream into high gear!  No longer a 'home based business' presented several changes and challenges, not the least of which is the expense of building out the office!  Fortunately, we had prepared for the opportunity and managed not to incur debt as a result...Thanks Dave Ramsey!
To you, the fans and loyal customers of Bit of Whimsy Dolls I would like to extend my most heartfelt thanks for allowing me to live this dream.  Seeing pictures of dolls you have made from my patterns or pictures of your children loving dolls I made means more than you will ever know.
                                                       Thank you,
                                                        --Sarah : )
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