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Below are the most frequently asked questions and my responses:

For Patterns

For Dolls

From Bloggers

From Retailers



Frequently Asked Questions for Patterns

Can I  sell finished dolls?

Yes, but only as outlined in the Terms of Use.

Can I change the pattern?
Under no circumstances are modifications, alterations, resizing or derivative works permitted. Please Review the Terms of Use for full details.

Do the patterns need a special size paper for printing?
No. All patterns are designed to fit on 8.5" x 11" paper.

Do I print the pattern at 100%?

Do I need to give Bit of Whimsy Dolls credit for the design?
Yes. Anytime you sell a doll made from one of my patterns, you need to give 'Bit of Whimsy Dolls' credit.

Can I sell dolls that I make to a local shop?
No. Wholesale or consignment arrangements are not allowed.

Can I use my own photos of dolls I made for avatars, banners, business cards and other business materials?
No. Use of images to represent your identity, brand or for promotional purposes is prohibited.

Can I use your photos for a blog post featuring your shop, dolls and/ or patterns?
Yes, but please let me know if you feature me on your blog!

Can I use the pattern with my sewing class, church group or other group setting?
You are more than welcome to use any of my free patterns for group settings. If you want to use one of my other patterns, all members of the group need to purchase their own copy of the pattern. Do not print copies of my patterns and give them away.

Should I pre-wash my fabric?
Yes. It is always a good idea to prewash fabrics.

Where do you buy your fabric?
I buy from a lot of different fabric shops, both online and brick and mortar. I try to buy from my local shops as much as I can. There is not one single shop that I buy most of my fabric from.

What fabric do you use for the face pieces?

I use craft velour. You may or may not be able to find this locally but a Google search will help you find it online. I have bought it from a few different online shops and haven't found a difference in quality or color between the various shops. If you do not want to buy this, you can use solid flannel or cotton in place of the velour.

Can I use acrylic felt instead of wool felt for the hair?
I do not recommend using acrylic felt for doll hair. It does not look or feel as nice and will not last as long. I have found that wool blend felt looks and feels nice though. There are many places to buy this online if you cannot find it locally.

Why do you embroider the faces last?
I prefer to embroider the faces last because I have found that sometimes when the doll is stuffed with polyfil, the head may be a little lopsided. This can be due to uneven sewing or to the stretch of the fabric or how hard the polyfil is stuffed in the head. If the face is done first, then the face will be lopsided too. If you wait to do the face last, then you can center the face on the doll. Also, you risk distorting the embroidery when you stuff the head with polyfil. This being said, if you feel more comfortable doing the embroidery in a hoop first, go ahead! If you are just learning how to embroider, this may be a better option until you are more confident in your embroidering skills.




Frequently Asked Questions for Finished Dolls

How long do I have to make payment in full on my doll or clothing purchase?
Payment in full for all finished dolls and clothing is to be made within 24 hours of the purchase unless special arrangements are made in advance and agreed to by Bit of Whimsy Dolls.  Items left unpaid for three (3) days will be returned to stock without advanced notice.

What method of shipping do you use?
All domestic shipments are shipped via USPS Priority Mail. Tracking information is sent from PayPal to the email address you use with PayPal. All international shipments are shipped USPS First Class International. You will receive an email once your package has been shipped. Please allow  2-6 weeks for international shipments to arrive.

Can the dolls be washed?
Yes. All dolls can be washed by hand in cold water. Lay flat or dry in your dryer on the lowest heat setting. If you need to machine wash your doll, wash inside a pillowcase or lingerie bag and wash on a delicate cycle.





Frequently Asked Questions from Bloggers

Can I feature a doll that I made on my blog?
Yes! Please give a link to my website,

Do you participate in doll giveaways for blogs?
I love to participate in doll giveaways but I no longer offer this as a free giveaway. The blogger wishing to sponsor a giveaway must purchase the doll that she/he wants to giveaway. You can get more information about this by sending an email to

Do you participate in pattern giveaways for blogs?

Yes. I always offer up to three patterns in a blog giveaway. Please send an email to for more information.






Frequently Asked Questions from Retailers

Do you offer wholesale pricing to retailers?
Yes. Please contact me at for more information.

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