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A little bit about me… I am a wife, I am a mother, I am not going to win prizes for homemaking or cooking fish but I might win a prize for my pot roast, I listen to audiobooks on my iPhone instead of music, I love the X-Files and Harry Potter, my favorite color is green, I am addicted to coffee, I have freckles, I am a sewer and have created my own business combining my two great loves: Dolls and Handmade. 

The first doll that I ever remember sewing was a pretty girl doll that my mom and I made together while I had the chicken pox. My mom thought it would keep my mind off all of the itching. It worked and I still have the doll 25+ years later. I was always the type of girl that could be cheered up with a doll or stuffed animal. To be honest with you… I still am! I collect dolls of all sorts; cloth dolls, crocheted dolls, vinyl dolls, play dolls, collectible dolls… I could go on!

I come from a family with six kids so I learned at a young age that money does not grow on trees. Handmade has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. A lot of my clothes were handmade and a lot of my dolls were too.  You know those fake Cabbage Patch kids that you could make in the 80's? My mom made me twin red heads. I knew that they weren't real but I loved them so much and I knew that my mom had made them just for me. Even as young as I was, I understood that those dolls were love stitched together. Once I had my own kids, I came back to my handmade roots and started making them clothes and blankets and toys. I love tucking my kids in bed and knowing that they are snuggled with their own "love stitched together" dolls and I love sharing that with others.  My passion for creating dolls comes from the knowledge that every day, there is a child somewhere in the world that is dragging a doll around that they will hold on to for 25+ years.  

Thank you so much to all of you who also share my passion for handmade! 


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